Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Preaching

So I've decided to stick my sermons on the internet. I'm not fully sure why. I guess because I'm getting into the whole podcasting thing. I enjoy preaching. I think they'll balance out my terrible podcasts a bit.

It could be a bit of self-promotion too. I'm not sure. It's certainly not shameless. Having a passion for preaching is a funny thing. You feel like you should be humble, and just accept what comes. On the other hand, if I've been gifted in preaching, I should use the gift. And sticking things on the internet will allow my preaching a wider audience and hopefully it can have a greater impact. I'm posting these more because I believe in the power of the Word preached, than I want people to listen and think I'm great. I hope people listen and think God's great.

It will also be a nice way for me to talk about the sermons as I post them. I intend to post as much of my back catalogue as possible too. I'm not sure how I'll catalouge them but for the moment they'll all just be a big lump.

I'll go through and edit them a little. I may get rid of the reading, or the opening prayer (especially if it's not done by me) and I'll try and fix the audio up a little. They aren't very professionally done, but they work.

Anyway, here is a little bit of preaching. Feel free to drop me an email. Tell me what you think. Ask me questions. Dispute my theology. Tell me if it was helpful.

Whatever happens, I hope this is just a little bit more to help the Kingdom grow.


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