Monday, January 28, 2013

Judges 3:12-30 - Ehud and the Fat King

Passage: Judges 3:12-30

Originally Preached: 13/01/13 - 6pm Service - Hornsby Baptist Church

Series: The Bible Makes Me Giggle

Description: God's character is always to save.

Comment: If the name of the series is familiar it's probably because I have two other talks on this podcast with the same name. I was give the chance to preach at my church for the three weeks before I left to preach on whatever I wanted. So I chose to preach on the parts of the Bible that are funny. Partly because I think it's funny, partly because I have always wanted to do whole sermons on these passages, and finally because there is great stuff in these passages even if at first glance they seem not to hold much.

The first of the three is Ehud an the Fat King. This one is probably the most fun of the three. And it's so exciting to explore the saving character of God in this most crazy of stories.



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