Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revelation 13 - Don't Believe the Lies


Passage: Revelation 13
Originally Preached: 18/03/12 - 6pm Service - Hornsby Baptist Church
Series: Revelation

Description: Don't believe the lies of the beast.

Comment: If I remember correctly this sermon was pretty hard to write. I spent a long time trying to figure out what the lies of our society are. And I found it difficult to sort out what the lies of the government are that the church buys into and supports. I figured there were probably some pretty controversial ones that I could tackle, but I'm generally pretty reluctant to get into controversial stuff unless I'm sure that what I'm saying is right. In the end I wasn't sure I had the issues sorted out to make the call. So I left it.

This was the first sermon I've ever given without a full manuscript. I think I always intended to have one, I just found it too difficult to write so I ended up not having one. I think there are advantages and disadvantages. This certainly isn't my most polished piece of speaking. But hopefully it challenges you in some way.


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