Monday, December 19, 2005

Luke 4:16-21 - Anticipating Jesus


Passage: Luke 4:16-21
Originally Preached: 15/08/04 - 6:30pm Service - St Stephen's Anglican, Belrose
Series: One off evangelistic Cafe Church

Description: Jesus lives up to his promises

Comment: I remember this sermon was a difficult one to do. Evangelistic talks always scare me a bit. There is a pressure where you feel like the entire eternal destiny of the hearers is resting on how well you preach. It's not true but that doesn't stop the feeling.

The opening illustration was originally supposed to be about Star Wars Episode 1, and how it was disappointing. I changed the illustration on the day because I decided that the Royal Easter Show is an experience that more people would have shared.

The hard part of any evangelistic sermon is when you have to talk about the whole sin problem. I approached it in this one as sin has caused death and death is the one problem none of us can solve and none of us can escape. Death is the problem that Jesus is going to have to solve. I didn't feel like this one was too heavy, but it did cover the issues.

The section where I retell the passion from the view of a disciple was interesting to create. I tried to give the weight of what Jesus experience seen through the lens of expectation. I was scared about doing it because it was long, and it required me to act, at least in my speaking. Listening to it now I think it wasn't too long, but I could have done it better if I had been more prepared to commit myself to acting out the character of the disillusioned disciple.

The call at the end was a little clumsy. But I like that I explained the salvation prayer. I didn't leave enough time for people to pray it with me. Oh well. The call at the end is always the bit I find hardest. It's hard because you are giving people very specific instruction and I'm never sure how we should get people to respond. But I'm learning and I think these days I do a better job than I used to. One day I hope to master the art of the altar call.


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