Thursday, September 21, 2006

Romans 14:1-12: Love Accepts Difference


Passage: Romans 14:1-12
Originally Preached: 17/09/06 - 10am Service - St Stephen's Anglican, Belrose
Series: Romans: Love

Description: As Christians we must remember that the things that divide us are insignificant compared to the Lord who unites us.

Comment: I was looking forward to doing this passage because it looked pretty straight forward. It didn't seem all that hard and the application was pretty straight forward.

But while I managed to get one point (we need to accept each other) and one illustration (my friend James) I was pretty stuck after that. I spent ages thinking about it. I got my house involved in the thinking. And it was only late on the night before that the second point came to me while listening to a sermon by John Stott. He's a good man that John Stott.

The sermon's pretty short because we were filling out the NCLS. That was fun because I like surveys.

People were pretty happy with sermon. I got a lot of good feed back. So I guess I did alright. I may even use it again some time.


Anonymous lesley said...

Hi Tom - That was good to hear. Love and acceptance underpin everything we do, even differing political affiliations. I like how you use examples from your own life to illustrate the point and remind us that we are all flawed. Nice sound byte too: The things that divide us are insignificant in comparison to the Lord that unites us. When I eventually figure out all this podcasting business, I may get one and listen to you more regularly.

10/07/2006 10:19 am  

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