Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mark 6:6b-13 - Living Christ's Mission


Passage: Mark 6:6b-13
Originally Preached: 04/07/10 - 6pm Service - Pennant Hills Baptist Church
Series: Mission, Martyr, Messiah

Description: We live on Christ's mission, doing his work, trusting in him, working in his name.

Comment: This was the first sermon in a series of three at a church I was visiting. It's always hard at a new church to gague the temperature of the congregation. I think it took them a little while to get my humour.

I was challenged doing this sermon about how much I live on mission. I have a very kingdom focused life, but I feel like a live in a Christian bubble. I don't go to the towns and villages. I expect them to come to me.

This sermon contains one of the few times where I do a positive illustration from my life. My obedience to the call to youth ministry is one that I feel like I've been faithful in. They say you should give positive examples some times, so here is one.

I think my favourite part of the sermon is "It's not about the bread!" I think I'd like to do a whole sermon on that. It was my mum who first showed me just how funny it is that the disciples ask Jesus about the bread. How I love the disciples. And how happy that I am one too. A couple of thousand years removed, but no less dull.


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