Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Proverbs - Work and Laziness

Passage: Various Verses in Proverbs
Originally Preached: 09/09/10 - School Chapel Years 7-9
Series: Proverbs

Description: We work not just because we have to but because God created us to work and work is good.

Comment: This is a talk I gave in a school chapel. It was hard because work and laziness is not a topic I feel especially passionate about. Though if I did feel passionate about any of it, I'd feel more passionate about the laziness than the work. Sleeping is so much more fun. I was also really aware that I didn't want to be the guy who just stood up and told students at school to work hard. They get that enough from the front.

I also found it difficult to make it about Jesus. Some messages lend themselves to the gospel more than others. This one, not so much.

But you do what you can with what you're given, and I was reasonably happy with the result. I may even use it again. Then again, I may not.


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