Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Luke 8:40-56 - Jesus and the Faithful


Passage: Luke 8:40-56
Originally Preached: 23/09/07 - 10am Service - St Stephen's Anglican, Belrose
Series: The Early Ministry of Jesus

Description: Jesus' encounters with the faithful bring healing and new life.

Comment: I did this sermon just after a really intense ministry time in church. There were quite a few people in tears, and lots of people had felt God move quite powerfully. So my style is quite subdued for the first half or so. I cut out a lot of the jokes because it didn't feel like the church was in the right place for it.

The other thing I did while preaching this sermon was edit it on the fly. Usually I have a manuscript that I stick to quite diligently. But after doing this message in the 8am congregation I felt it'd work better swapped around. Originally I had told the whole story of the healings, then made three points. But in the 10am service I decided it'd be better to make the points as I got to them. So that's what I did. It required a bit of preaching gymnastics but I think it came out ok.

I have found this sermon to be rather challenging in its application since preaching it. I've been working hard to be someone who is willing to be distracted by the needs of other people. I've had a friend get quite sick recently and that has demanded a lot of my spare time. It's hard to be opening and giving when you know the precious spare time you have is being given over to someone else's needs. The temptation is to do things for them efficiently without taking the time to sit and talk and care for them. Yet from this passage I have been challenged to not let my agenda get in the way of the need to love other people. It's tough, but it's right and I'm learning. So it was a helpful sermon to preach, even if it only helped me.


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