Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Daniel 6 - Power Struggles and Lions' Dens


Passage: Daniel 6
Originally Preached: 05/05/10 - High School Chapel
Description: God saves in and through the hard times.

Comment: In my new job, I spend a lot of time doing talks in schools. So I decided to record one on the old iPhone, so I could post it up here. I did this in a school chapel in Sydney. I won't tell you any more because, I don't know what the privacy rules are and it doesn't really matter who was listening.

I've been doing this talk on Daniel and the Lion's Den in a few schools. I feel like it's hard to do justice to the passage in a way that will interest the uninterested, do justice to the gospel in each talk and fit it in to 10 to 15 minutes. Talking to Christians for 25 minutes is a whole lot easier. I don't mind this talk, but I feel like I would have liked to kick the gospel home a little better. Other times I did the talk I think I did a better job.

I did this one without notes. I like the freedom of being notes free. I don't like missing out on good stuff. Especially when it's important stuff to say.

Anyway, I'm learning the school talk. I hope I get better as I go.


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