Sunday, September 14, 2008

John 2:12-35 - Jesus Comes to Cleanse our Worship


Passage: John 2:12-25
Originally Preached: 14/09/08 - 8am Service - St Stephen's Anglican, Belrose
Series: Behold the Lamb of God!

Description: Jesus cleared the temple to cleanse the worship of those days. How can he cleanse ore worship today?

Comment: I did this sermon as part of a preaching course where we wrote the sermon early, got feedback from our teacher, preached it to our class, then finally preached it to the church. I preached only at the 8am service as there was a special performance on today. This gave me the task of having to write a message specifically for the group of people in the church I am least connected to and least like. It made it hard, the challenge was good. I hope I did ok.

I also opened this sermon up to the public on my blog to edit. It was a fun process, it yielded some good conversation, some good things to think about and some good suggestions and comments. I think I'd do it again, if only I was organised enough to write things more than 7 hours ahead of time.

I think I preached a little long for the 8am congregation, but most of them seemed to stay away, so I liked that.

All up, I'm happy. It was a good process. And I do marvel at the complexity and the grandness of Jesus and his mission. This passage helped me to think more about what is going on with Jesus. And seeing as he's my Lord and all, that's worth doing.


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