Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zechariah 14 - The Terrible and Beautiful Day of the Lord


Passage: Zech 14
Originally Preached: 21/12/08 - 10am Service - St Stephen's Anglican, Belrose
Series: Behold! Your King is Coming

Description: When God acts it is both terrible and beautiful but the end point is always holiness.

Comment:This message felt pretty sloppy and lacking in coherence right up until I preached it. Actually it felt that way after I preached it too but people told me that it was good so I'll believe them.

I'd spent a few months thinking about this one and at least two weeks giving it solid thought, but I couldn't get any kind of grip on what I wanted to do with it. In the end I just had to write it and see what happened. Part of the problem is that the passage is a hodgepodge of ideas (divinely inspired hodgepodge, but hodgepodge to us finite beings none-the-less). It has so many different ideas, so many different images, so many different connotations, it's difficult to unpack it in any kind of coherent form. Add to that the fact that it's Christmas and I found it was all too much to cope with.

But I did it, I preached it, and people liked it, so I'm ok with that.


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