Monday, September 01, 2008

Col 4:2-18 - Making the Most of the Everyday


Passage: Col 4:2-18
Originally Preached: 24/08/08 - 6:30pm Service - St Stephen's Anglican, Belrose
Series: The Message of Colossians

Description: Make the most of your everyday opportunities, your everyday prayer, your everyday meetings with non-Christians and your everyday interactions with Christians.

Comment: When I first looked this passage I thought I was preaching from verse 7. This worried me a bit as preaching on a list of names and greetings isn't really the easiest task. But then I started warming to the idea. I wanted the challenge. But alas I found out I was preaching on verses 2-6 as well. And then I had a whole new problem. The passage doesn't seem to have one defining idea. I hate preaching on a passage and leaving out significant chunks, but I was feeling like I might have to do it.

But as things turned out, I found a through line and, for better or for worse, you can see the result. Well, hear the result.

I did try and be more practical in this sermon and do lots of stories. I did this mainly because Paul is being very practical in the passage, and stories are a great way of relaying practice, or bad practice.

I think the whole issue of prayer is one that I've been struggling with. I really do feel like a bad prayer. I feel like my ministry suffers for lack of prayer. I'm currently trying to rectify that. I think having this passage was a good reminder to me to get my act together. So if no one else was impacted by this message, I was.

Regarding the illustration about getting beaten up at the pub, I have been told by my friend Nathan that he actually did try and help me. He put his hand on shoulder of the drunk guy strangling me who looked at him and then let go of my throat. So it may in fact be that Nathan saved my life. I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm currently telling everyone who will listen that Nathan is my hero.

I did most of this preach without notes. I'm doing that more these days. The whole no notes thing I think could be the reason why I seem like I get more tongue tied in this one that I usually do. But I don't know. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to manage the clear, unhindered speech that I'd like, but I don't know. I regularly dream about going to public speaking classes or something. But I'm yet to make the dreams become reality.

That's the sermon. I enjoyed doing it. It feels a little messy, but God can use it, so I pray that he has and does.


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